Compound Angle Table (Rectangular Table)

APEX Code 704R

Compound Angle Table (Rectangular Table)
(Size : 9" x 7")

Features :
  • Movement on the table are indexed fully 360 degree in the Horizontal plane 90 degree in the Vertical. So that any combination of angles may be obtained "T" Slots in the table are machined from the solid and a hole is bored centrally and fitted with a steel Sleeves for receiving Spigots. The table swivel on a ground steel spigot and can be locked in any position by steel clamp shown.
  • Code 704R: SG Ductile Iron Body
Finish : Hammer tone mid grey. Specifications :
Specifications 704R
Size in Inches 9" x 7"
Size of Table in (mm) 225 x 175
Height Overall (in mm) 200
Length Overall (in mm) 390
Tenon Slot Size (in mm) 20
T-Slots Size ( in mm ) 13
Weight (app. in Kgs.) 42